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The Canadian government withdrew Kevadon and Talimol (two different trade names for thalidomide) on March 2nd, 1962. These drugs had been prescribed to pregnant women without the slightest restriction. Therefore, the year 2012 has represented for all of us, both survivors and family members, 50 years of carrying on despite the manifold challenges inflicted on all of us.

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On October 19, 20 and 21, 2012, in Ottawa, TVAC's members, parents, friends and partners have joined us at our National Event. Formal presentations, discussions, workshops and entertainment has led on to make this great gathering another unforgettable moment in the life of our association.. A clear consensus came out of this experience, which is that Canadian thalidomide survivors have an undeniable feeling of belonging that is stronger than ever, within TVAC.

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A collective artwork was created at the event, displaying prints and/or signatures of all the members present, in order for them to leave their mark in history.

TVAC's 20th Anniversary

The Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada (TVAC) celebrated its 20th anniversary! Members reunited in Montreal on November 7, 8 and 9, 2008 under the theme: 20 Years: You Are The Heart of it All!


This event was punctuated with moments of sharing and fraternal exchanges among members. Scientific conferences on the birth defects caused by thalidomide, the current use of the drug and England's EDRIC database, also contributed to bringing our knowledge of the multifaceted thalidomide up-to-date. Finally, the emotion was at its peak during the Anniversary gala as we went over some of the highlights of our association's history and paid tribute to Mr. Cliff Chadderton, CEO of the War Amps of Canada. Not only did Mr. Chadderton initiate TVAC's creation in December 1987 but, along with his team, he implemented the only Task Force to represent and defend, at the time, the interests of the Canadian thalidomide victims before the federal government.

Thank you one and all, members, parents, lecturers, employees, partners and sponsors who, through your presence, contributed to the success of this unforgettable event!


Benefit Gospel Concert for TVAC 

Organized with a great deal of determination and passion by Aline, member of TVAC, this energizing event enabled us to raised funds for our Accommodation Program.