International Contergan/Thalidomide Alliance (ICTA)

International Contergan/Thalidomide Alliance (ICTA)

Site of ICTA’s campaign

The International Contergan/Thalidomide Alliance is an international solidarity movement comprised of thalidomiders from everywhere around the world. Its objective is to establish relationships, communication with the Grunenthal pharmaceutical company, the German government and the other governments concerned so that they assume their moral duty by financially securing the future of the victims of the thalidomide tragedy. As the years go by, the physical degeneration adds to the poverty and insecurity already affecting a great portion of our community.

Thalidomiders participating in this Alliance represent the following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico and Japan.

Actions taken:

  • Consciousness-raising with the governments of the various countries involved
  • Letters sent to the Grunenthal pharmaceutical company and to the German government
  • Peaceful demonstration outside the German Embassy in London on April 3rd and October 2nd and 3rd, 2008


Media coverage of the peaceful demonstration by the thalidomide survivors from around the world, held in London, England, on April 3rd, 2008: