A breath of fresh air is blowing through the Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada, our logo has been updated.  A revamped design, dynamic colouring and the French and English names together in a single corporate signature.  It is quite a change! 

Creating a new image of any kind is a real challenge.  The primary goal was to project a striking image containing a clear message that would make for virtually instant connection between the image and the Association’s mission.

To achieve this, the human figure was placed at the focal point of the design and represents thalidomide victims with a different icon, showing abnormalities:  the arms are shorter and the legs bowed.  The stylized figure was shaped into a “T”, for Thalidomide.

Next, the colours chosen:  the red, a vibrant colour suggestive of the heart.  It is also the main colour of the Canadian maple leaf, and the Association is Canadian.  It can also represent a danger signal, or at least a warning.  The grey portion is more neutral, soothing and calm, and tones down the vividness of the red and strikes a more corporate note.

Finally, the shape:  the icon, placed in a square, extends out to the margins to avoid being stifled, boxed in.  This is intended to suggest the possibility of growing, evolving, reaching outside the box, something that TVAC has always managed to do over the years!