Official Statement from the Thalidomide Survivors …

The Taskforce representing Canada's living victims of Thalidomide are very appreciative of all the hard work that the Minister and Health Canada have put into this program over the last six months.    Official Taskforce Statement


It's time to finally address the Canadian Thalidomide Tragedy. Right the Wrong is made up of survivors of Canada's Thalidomide catastrophe and people concerned about them.  Thalidomide was a Health Canada-approved prescription drug given to pregnant mothers to treat nausea and morning sicknes.  T…

REPORT: Study on the Current Living Conditions of…

REPORT: Study on the Current Living Conditions of Canadian Thalidomide Survivors and their Projections for their Future       In light of the concerns and requests for assistance that thalidomide victims have communicated to TVAC in recent years, TVAC is very concerned about the physical and …

Study by the University of Heidelberg

Study presented by the Institute of Gerontology of the University of Heidelberg THALIDOMIDE : Enquiries to be carried out repeatedly with regard to problems, specific needs and support deficits of thalidomide victims - Summarising report of the first survey results and derivation of first acti…

New books references

TVAC has added three books references, two books written by thalidomiders and one on the subject of thalidomide, in the Links section.

Cursed by 'miracle drug,' thalidomide victims wait…

Cursed by 'miracle drug,' thalidomide victims wait for Canada's apology By Ingrid Peritz From Saturday's Globe and Mail, Feb. 05, 2010

February 5th, 2010

Important Petition

Petition in solidarity with thalidomide survivors. The International Contergan/Thalidomide Alliance (ICTA) is circulating worldwide a petition in order to put pressure on the German government so that it may recognize its fault in the thalidomide tragedy and take its responsibilities: www.Petition…

NoBody's Perfect documentary

North American premiere of NoBody's Perfect at DOXA Documentary Film Festival in Vancouver The documentary film NoBody's Perfect follows Niko von Glasow as he looks for eleven people who, like him, were born disabled due to the disastrous side-effects of Thalidomide, and who are prepared to …

May 2009

TVAC’s 20th Anniversary

TVAC celebrated its 20th Anniversary! It was under the theme “20 Years! You Are The Heart of it All!” that the members gathered together in Montreal on November 7th, 8th and 9th, 2008. Read TVAC’s press release.

November 2008


ICTA’s peaceful demonstration in front of the German embassy in London (UK), April 3rd, October 2nd and 3rd, 2008.

October 2008 and April 2008

A Generic of Thalidomide

On July 17th, 2008, TVAC presented its position on the risks associated with the possible marketing of a generic to thalidomide: “A Generic of Thalidomide: Why Duplicate Such a Danger to Unborn Children!” to the US Food and Drug Administration.

July 2008