Programs and Services

Programs and Services

To promote our members’ independence:


In order to overcome the functional limitations which differ from one person to another, TVAC’s Accommodation Program is tailored to the specific needs of each of its members.

For many thalidomide victims simple, everyday chores become daily challenges, tasks such as eating, getting dressed, cleaning their home, moving around, communicating, etc.

The objective of this program is to ensure that every Canadian thalidomide victim is able to maintain and develop his/her autonomy in performing all the various daily activities, as well as to participate fully in the activities of his/her community.  The program covers, for example, various forms of assistance, such as:

  • Residential and vehicle adaptation
  • Training for employment and adaptation of the work station
  • Different technical aids, such as for getting dressed and preparing meals
  • Accompaniment in emergency situations 

TVAC’s Accommodation Program is funded 100 % through the generosity of its corporate and individual donors


To promote sharing among members and to break down their isolation:

  • REACTION”, our quarterly information newsletter, provides members with an opportunity to share their experiences and opinions. It also disseminates a variety of information on various matters of interest to Canadian thalidomiders.
  • Our “INTERACTION” leaflet serves as a link between the head office and the members and is designed to provide members with TVAC news clips between REACTION issues.
  • Regional and NATIONAL CONFERENCES are organized from time to time; they allow Canadian thalidomiders to come together and enjoy support and sharing with their peers.

To assist our members in specific situations:

  • TVAC provides, on a regular basis, active listening, accompaniment and reference services to all its members across Canada.

For all:

  •  Information and references on the Thalidomide tragedy for the media, health-care professionals, students, etc.