Word from the President



Dear members, partners, friends and supporters of TVAC,

It was an honor for me to be elected president and I will take at heart all the responsibilities and great challenges that we’ll encounter in 2014.

Concerned by the well-being of our members and greatly worried by the findings of our report (see link) on our study entitled: "Study on the Current Living Conditions of Canadian Thalidomide Survivors and their Projections for their Future", TVAC, in the course of the last year, has worked to develop awareness tools stressing the major health problems and insecurities faced by the Canadian thalidomide survivors.

Backed and supported by partners of unparalleled expertise and generosity, it is with strong determination that the board of directors and employees of TVAC enter 2014.  Our main goal is to make the authorities responsible for this tragedy in Canada, aware of the tragic premature physical degeneration, precarious living conditions and great vulnerability endured TODAY by our members. Our ultimate commitment is unwavering to see that these authorities assume their responsibility and/or moral obligation by straightening and securing, in all dignity, the quality of life of the Canadian thalidomide survivors.

In the last years, many countries recognized the precarious physical degeneration phenomenon faced by the thalidomide victims such as the United Kingdom and Germany. The British government also offered its regrets to all who suffered from this major man-made disaster. Consequently, many countries offered proper financial assistance to secure the future of their victims.

As our members are in desperate need of help, the Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada expects no less from its government!

Theresa Vachon